For Sale: Two High-Traffic Websites

Selling my ShareASale account, along with two high-traffic ShareASale Affiliated websites: and These websites, despite being abandoned for over a year, continue to attract a substantial amount of organic traffic from Google. Notably, a significant portion of their product and blog content ranks on the first page of Google USA.
Key Highlights:
  1. Impressive Google Organic Traffic: Despite being abandoned for over a year, both websites continue to attract a significant amount of Google organic traffic. The well-optimized product and blog content on these sites have earned them first-page rankings on Google USA.
  2. ShareASale Account Included: This offering encompasses the sale of a ShareASale account, providing immediate access to a robust network of reputable affiliate programs. By acquiring an established account, you bypass the time-consuming process of setting up a new account and building relationships with affiliate partners.
  3. Established Presence in the Apparel Industry: With a focus on apparels, these websites have established a strong presence in the industry. They offer an excellent opportunity for individuals or businesses looking to expand their online reach and capitalize on the thriving apparel market.
  4. Turnkey Operation: The infrastructure and design of these websites are fully developed, saving you time and resources on building a website from scratch. You can seamlessly take over the operation and capitalize on the existing traffic and rankings.
  5. Potential for Growth: With their prominent search engine rankings and high organic traffic, these websites present immense potential for growth. By investing time and effort into updating the content, expanding product offerings, and implementing effective marketing strategies, you can further enhance their profitability.
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